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Jeanette Sullivan

We were pleased to assist Northern Star Resources (ASX: NST) in the appointment of Jeanette Sullivan as Group Manager, Clean Energy Transition following the completion of a thorough talent map.

Jeanette is a Chartered Engineer and Certified Practicing Project Manager, with over 25 years of experience across the Decarbonisation, Green Energy, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Water, Industrial Water and Wastewater sectors. She joins Northern Star's Clean Energy Transition team following roles with Wood and Fortescue Future Industries, where she held the respective roles of Technical Director Decarbonisation and Project Manager, International Green Projects, Europe.

The Search Lead for this appointment was Hannah Cummuskey, with support from Amy Prime and Olivia Harrison in engagement and research respectively.

Talent mapping

With clear targets to achieve a net-zero future, Northern Star Resources (NST) needed to build a skilled team to allow them to deliver on these goals through planning and building decarbonisation projects. In bringing these newly created roles into the business, NST wanted to gain an understanding of available talent in the market at various levels to effectively plan for the group's future growth. 

To assist Northern Star with this, our team:
  • Mapped a range of talent currently working for mining companies or consultancies, ranging from an Analyst to an Executive level.
  • Spoke with candidates from a range of backgrounds who had recently entered the decarbonisation space. This included engineering, commercial and environmental-focused professionals.
  • Introduced the suitable candidates to NST, allowing them to gain an understanding of what the role should look like and how it should be shaped by different levels of experience.