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"Not only does testing ensure you pick the right person, it also helps set them up for success in the role."

Our Director Laura Grierson and Organisational Psychologist, LifeWorks Senior Psychologist Ross Eatt provided insights into the role that personality tests play in the hiring process to the Australian Institution of Management’s ‘Workplace Conversations’ segment.

With the cost of a false hire estimated to be between 12 months and two years of employment, psychometric testing and personality profiling in conjunction with other screening methods is a valuable tool to effectively predict a candidate’s job performance and connect the right person to the right job.

The article emphasizes the importance of harnessing a credible Organisational Psychologist to interpret the data and provide tailored reports to maximise this valuable stage in the hiring process. Leveraging these tests as a part of our recruitment toolkit in the executive search process has been a key contributor to the high retention rates of our appointments.

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